My career as an engineer started out in startups, and I had a great time learning how to build products from scratch.

Here're just a few of the projects I was a part of.



This was my first attempt at building a startup and a team where I was one of the founders. Heartlytics had the mission to reduce the communication gap that existed between doctors and patients with chronic conditions. We built an iOS app that connected to iHealth devices, with which patients could register data such as vital signs, pain symptoms and medication adherence. This report was sent in real time to the doctor for further analysis, that way reducing the number of visits to the ER.

I raised funds through the Start-Up Chile program and was also in charge of sales, cold-calling and cold-emailing hundreds of clients, as well as building the iOS client app and putting it in the hands of the customer. Learned a lot about the healthcare field in Chile. You can read some of my insights about this whole experience in this blog post.



This was a lot of fun! HeyHey became one of LatAm's most popular social networks. The "voice-based Twitter" app aimed to better engage artists with their audience. We reached over 3 million users and also got big-name musicians on board using HeyHey, such as Ricky Martin, Calle 13, Tito El Bambino, among many others.

I played many roles at HeyHey. From working as an engineer on both our backend and iOS app, to being in charge of product growth and metrics. Learned a lot of how to carry a product/feature from idea to launch and measuring results afterwards.