I've been involved in many interesting projects over the years. But some of the most fun ones have been  those I have created for myself.


So back in 2015 I began upgrading myself from the classic Objective-C to the new and pretty Swift. I started reading Apple's official language guide, but quickly realized it was a boring process. On the way, I wrote a full summary of Apple's documentation in an interactive format, much more fun to use: Xcode's Playgrounds. Faster to read and interactive, the book allows you to go through (almost) every chapter in just a couple of hours.

I launched the book in May 2016 as an open source project on GitHub, and the reception from the public has been mind blowing. Reaching over 1,600 stars ⭐️ , the book featured as the #1 Swift repository for 48 hours! Following the Product Hunt launch (thanks Pierre 🙂 ), the book reached #1 in the Books category, with over 300 upvotes to date!


Felipe and I were eager to build an app together back in 2013. At the time, a mutual friend was doing some cool things on image processing using MatLab, transforming common pictures into oil-painting images. We saw some of the results of his work and we immediately said: "I want to do that with my phone!".

Galerie is born then. Felipe and I worked on the graphic design for the iOS app and also worked on building the image processing algorithm that would transform the pictures. We used technologies like OpenCV and GPUImage. You can check some of the results below!


Sample Image transformations with Galerie


App Screenshots